Are You Ready & Willing to Get Totally Committed?

I’m gonna give it to you straight down the line, this whole reinvention stuff is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life. In the beginning stages when I was working on the grass roots level of my life, it was the most inspiring and heart warming thing I had ever done or seen. It was when I started applying it to big things in my life, the things that really mattered to me when the ego really kicked in and the voices in my head really got their game faces on.

I have wanted to give up more times than I can remember, and when things haven’t worked out the way I thought they would I thought that I had got it all wrong and really started doubting the process. It was at these times that I have had to really dig deep and get totally committed to the life I want, the life I know we are ALL destined to have.

I am saddened when I realise that not everyone will choose to take on this journey and become a seeker of their truth. Even sadder when I realise that the few that do will at some stage give in and turn back or choose to stop at one of the the baselines. I made a choice a long time ago and that was to never give up because what appears to be an easier life is not really living to me but merely existing in an institutionalised, organisation of systems that have been set up to have you operate out of limiting beliefs and patterns instilled into you from birth and even beyond. It is your job to seek your truth and only you alone can make the daily choices necessary to realise your full potential, your purpose, your most amazing life ever imaginable that is a match for all your wishes and dreams.

Will you choose the one degree of commitment and take on your life today?

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