Recognising The Signs

This past weekend has felt like having a weight lifted off my shoulders. I made a decision not to proceed with my current menu of salads in the smoothie bar. I have spent many hours at work and also at home devising and making up fresh, vegan, whole food meals for everyone to enjoy, the only problem was that I was no longer enjoying making nor eating them. My whole concept of refresh, no matter what aspect you came at it from, was that I wanted it to always be value for money whilst still maintaining a high level of professionalism. From a business point of view this has been a juggling act of my professional integrity and costs. No one wants to sell out on their worth or their product or services worth at the cost of eventually loosing it all down the track.

So this past couple of months I have been trying to come up with CONVENIENT vegan and whole food value meals which still tasted and looked delicious, only thing that was missing was the convenience and what I replaced it with was a whole lot of extra work for myself and or future franchisees (not a good start). On top of this and from a business point of view there was not a great return for my investment and as refresh is to be a franchise, it would not be a great move to make further emotional, physical and financial deposits without some serious withdrawals.

1st lesson

Don’t sell out on your own personal value. Nothing will be very long lasting if you do. You can apply this rule to any relationship you have e.g. with business, intimate, friendships, food, fitness health etc.

When I first started out I was so excited and things were off to a flying start. Customers were so happy to have fresh, whole vegan meals at super value for money prices, only thing was that they were at promotional prices of $7 for the first month. This would be ok long term if they cost me $2 and took me 1 min to make but that was sooooooo far from the case.

2nd lesson

Recognize the signs. For me, when something doesn’t feel right in my stomach, is no longer enjoyable, fun or inspiring, then it is no longer a match. I am not talking about a bit of hard work here guys. To make big things happen you need to be persistent and consistent but when all the signs are not lining up, you need to stop and reevaluate what’s going on.

So here I was on Friday afternoon knowing that something just wasn’t right and that I was meeting with the nutritionist on Monday morning ready to do up all the food labels for the meals with their nutritional breakdown and yet I just couldn’t bring myself to any longer be inspired by it. During Saturday I had said to my husband that spiritually I felt that I needed to stop doing the meals at this stage until I got clearer around what my reasoning was for doing them. His response was “cant you just do it until you decide”? I looked at him as though he had just verbally abused me and replied…that is not how it works for me and NO I cant just do it till I come up with another idea as whilst I am busy (busting my uninspired arse) doing this, I am energetically and spiritually stopping the flow and clarity of what I am to do next from coming to me with ease and abundance.

3rd lesson

Get very clear that you are not proceeding and then declare it publicly. This is very uncomfortable in the beginning but as you settle into it it gets easier. The best part about this is that when you do, other things start to show up and the fog surrounding your next move starts to shift. Sometimes what comes up from stepping into your truth is that a deeper layer of truth is revealed. This is when the magic starts to happen and everything seems to flow a little easier.

So here I am on Tuesday morning all excited about a new concept I have (I wont tell you just yet as I am still waiting on more clarity as to whether to move forward or not), and by Tuesday afternoon since sharing it with a few people during the day, everything has changed again. So now I am back to basics, working on what is already working and expanding on that. So for now its green smoothies, maqui super-food bowls and chia puddings, bircher muesli as well as my new venture, which is to extend the range of our raw bliss balls into desert balls. So coming to the menu within the next 2 weeks will be some new old time favorites such as carrot cake, sticky date, choc fudge brownie and apple pie.

4th lesson

Go with the flow, not against it. Expand upon what is working in your life and do more of it. When you spend your time concentrating all your energies into what’s not, then you will be met with the same.

There is an old saying that goes something like this…Stupidity is doing something the same way over and over and expecting a different result.

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