To plan or not to plan, is there really an answer?

Today as I sit quietly in this mornings happy space I have set up, I am reminded and made aware of how much I have “grown” but mainly how much of my growth has come about in a very different way than I had “planned”.

So what does it mean to “plan” ? Does this mean that we should scrap this whole planning thing and living into our highest selfs desires? Does it mean that although we believed with total (well maybe not total) clarity, that we were following our truth? And that maybe we were not in fact connected to our truth, but rather our egos truth? Well, here is the thing, I believe that it is our truth at that particular moment, second, minute, day and year and that maybe, maybe it was what was needed to bring us closer to the whats next.

As I sit here and take in this delicious breakfast, the people, the cars, the street, the houses and the bursts of nature in amongst it all, I get that all is perfect, not perfect in the dictionary version of perfect (whatever that may be) but perfect for me and where I am at, where I have been and where I am heading. The awareness that I am taking from today and that I want to leave you with is this: Plan and meditate, Meditate and plan. Take inspired action steps , sometimes more than often. Rest, work hard, rest and play. Make some you time and when needed take some serious you time. Exercise regularly, daily if possible but make sure to acknowledge when your body or even mind needs to rest and then rest. Eat well 70-80% of the time and be ok when you don’t. Get drunk if you get drunk and be ok with that too. Play, Live and Learn and then allow your life to just show up however it is going to as guess what, it’s going to anyway.

I am not saying that I am the best teacher in the world and that by following me you will reach a heightened state of Nirvana ( that is unless you have also purchased “the body massager” I have recently purchased from the local XXXX shop :-). what I am saying is that I am me and that I now realise I no longer need to be my egos version of perfect before I start sharing the things I have learnt on my journey to find a deeper sense of peace, freedom and happiness within myself.

If I have helped guide you to getting closer to being happier, healthier and more ok with who you are or even getting who you really are underneath all of the self imposed beliefs or expectations of who you should or shouldn’t be then I am super happy and more than ok with that and would love to hear about that.

Be happy when you can and be ok being where you are at if happiness is not even close to that right now. Choose thoughts, words and actions to raise your energetic vibration closer to where you would rather be.

Signing off and feeling good.

Jac xx
Self love transforms anything and everything

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