You Deserve It

It seems ridiculous that we as humans continue to bring up all of our old crap day after day, year after year. At some stage we have to be willing to let go and move on and recreate from a place of love. Love of life, love of each other and most of all…love of ourselves. You deserve it, I deserve it. We all deserve to be loved, to love and to be in love. Sometimes “stuff” gets in the way and we pull back, pull away and fall apart.


Our lives, our relationships, our everything is all a creation. Let's give this next part our absolute most loving best.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and each other. Let’s laugh often, embrace life and the love we crave like never before. Let’s put all we know and have learned to the test.

What I have learned in my lifetime through living, experiencing, listening and observing is this…more often than not we wait for the affections, words and actions of others in which to feel loved, alive, beautiful, free, safe, happy and fulfilled. It is only when we are really willing to have it all that it appears.

Will it take something? Sometimes yes, it can take a lot. Yet other times it happens beautifully, peacefully and perfectly, just like we were handed a gift from heaven.

Relationships, marriages, friendships, people-ships ;-), it takes something. It takes the willingness to allow what it is we desire to come in whilst at the same time letting go of all that we do not want. In my experience, it’s the later that is the biggest challenge and until you realise there is no other way, we will just keep reliving our past memories and belief systems as if it were a new experience.

Stay true to your yourself.Β Β You are far more beautiful, so much greater and so much more powerful than your limiting beliefs and actions…if you allow yourself to be.

Shine bright like a diamond.
Love Jac ( I’m getting there )

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